How to book a wedding photographer Hackney

Your wedding photographs will be the most timeless memories of your wedding day and considering the fact that long after that wonderful day – after the cake is consumed, the bouquet is thrown and when memories of that beautiful day begin to fade, your wedding photographs will be the best and easiest way to relive those special moments.

Wedding Photographer Hackney

This is why it is important to book the right photographer for your special day. There are many of considerations to be made in booking the right photographer for your wedding in London. In this regard, this article will narrow down those considerations and give you the most important tips for booking a wedding photographer Hackney.

Tips to book Wedding Photographer Hackney:

  • Portfolios –  The first thing is view several wedding photographers within the city such as those in Hackney and Islington. Make sure you see a selection of full weddings a photographer has to offer. We have seen many cases of a photographer’s portfolio being full of images that were all staged using a model and a wedding dress. You will also want to meet the photographer before making any decisions or paying a deposit.
  • Wedding photography styles – Before booking your photographer, it is necessary that you decide what style you want and find out what is involved and how the photographer captures these images during the day.
  • Meeting your Wedding Photographer – Meeting your photographer in person will give you a firsthand experience of his or her personality. Irrespective of your photographer’s location within the city; whether in Hackney, Islington or elsewhere, make out time to meet with him or her in person. Considering the fact that you will be spending at least 10 hours of your wedding day with that person, you should know whether or not you’ll be comfortable with him or her and that they are right for you. You could also ask the photographer for contact details of customers he’s worked with in the past so you can contact them and get a better opinion. If possible, you could also speak with couples who did not leave a review on the photographer’s website.
  • Photography Packages – Wedding photographer Hackney like elsewhere usually offer varied packages. You most likely do not have an unlimited budget. You need to know if there is a package on offer that is suitable for your budget. Most photographers offer edited images and several unedited images from the day as a basic package.

Bonus Tips

  • Booking – While making your wedding plans, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is the venue but one more important thing you should think of is booking your photographer. Photographers can be booked up to a year in advance so if you find a selection of photographers that you think you’re comfortable with, don’t waste any time in arranging a meeting so you can secure them for your wedding day. The earlier you have all these figured out the more choices you’ll have at your disposal.
  • Payment – The standard practice when booking a wedding photographer is payment in advance. Wedding photographers usually require a deposit. This can range from a percentage of the full price or just a standard fee to secure your wedding date. Another generally accepted practice is to pay the remaining balance one month before the date. Professional photographers will issue contracts so you are advised not to make any payments until you have a contract signed.

In booking the right photographer for your special day, endeavor to carefully consider some factors. Such as personality, pricing, packages and most importantly, quality. Because of the higher the quality your wedding photos, the higher the chances that they will become souvenirs to be handed down to your kids and grandkids. Good luck.





Wedding Photographer: Kevin Kothandaraman (Founder and CEO of KND Photography)