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Creative Wedding Photographer London

Hello, we are KND Photography, award-winning creative wedding photographer London. Our style of wedding photography is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism, influenced by fine-art photography. The result is creative, clean and crisp wedding photography that’s romantic, fun, and emotional. We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery.

Photojournalistic or Wedding Reportage Style

We document your day naturally and un-obtrusively, resulting in an honest portrayal of your celebration. Wedding Photojournalism or reportage wedding photography takes awareness of surroundings, knowledge of human tendencies, and patience. Each image we take serves a purpose and has a point. Each image captures an emotion, tells a story, or portrays a mood or feeling. That’s why you won’t see us taking random pictures such as you stuffing your face with food or staring off into space.

Signature Editing  Style

Our signature style is high definition, vibrant, crisp, and clean. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of the scene “pop,” giving the image a beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

Romantic Style

Our Romantic Style can be described as soft and whimsical with filmic textures and tones. This style is perfect for scenes in nature and rustic wedding venues. The romantic wedding photography style blends documentary with fine-art photography, to create evocative, cinematic imagery that feels timeless.



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