Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative business in the photography world hence being the most competitive. Everyday, many amateur photographers try to take their first step in the wedding world and more often than not, most do not make it through. Running a wedding photography business requires huge investments when it comes to gears, software and advertising. Contrary to common belief, future brides and groom will not just fall on your lap and book you for their wedding.

To successfully secure bookings from prospective clients, a photographer will have to show a well curated wedding photo gallery, demonstrate experience at shooting weddings through multiple featured shoots and be able to offer a service that stands out of the crowd. But above all, wedding photographers will have to be visible to those actively searching for a wedding photographer. Nowadays, there are many ways to do so amongst which are local listings, wedding directories, physically advertising with leaflets, social media etc.

The most important and probably the most expensive investment is to be listed and be seen above all others in search engines. Search engines are a science on their own. The likes of google update their algorithm every other day to try and beat those who try and trick the system thus making it more challenging to achieve the number one spot on google search. Being listed on google search engine amongst others requires hard work and dedication and even more so for the wedding photographers. One has to properly label all images and add tags, optimise images for fast loading and write regular blog posts and even then, it does not seem to be enough.

One of the many requirements to be seen by search engines and achieve the top place is the use of keywords to tell these search engines what your website and business are all about. This is where keyword research plays a big role. You would not want to be listed as a newborn photographer if you only do weddings. There are many free and paid software and website out there where you can find the keywords in your niche and those of your competitors. I have done some of the hard work for you and here is a list of 30 keywords, the best London wedding photographer ranks for.

Best London Wedding Photography Keywords

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