kevinfounder & photographer

Hi, I'm Kevin.

Yes, that's my name, no kidding!

Proud father and husband, I truly feel that I have the best job in the world. I get to travel to amazing places and meet some really amazing couples. Best of all, my job allows me to spend quality time with my children!


Hi, I'm Simon.

With a background in DJing and music production, sequencing shots in a pleasing way comes naturally to me. With a photographer for a wife, the transition to filming was made easier.

I try to capture honest, intimate moments so they can be remembered forever.


Hi, I'm Hannah.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer

I’m an American, who fell in love with an Englishman, married him, and moved to London

I love rock climbing, traveling to new places, and my morning coffee

I try to make everything myself, like a DIY champ

I love the colour green











We are perhaps different from a lot of photographers because we base our business on friendship and service. And this starts with a meeting, and if booked, we then book in your engagement shoot, where the creativity starts!

We put a large emphasis on the Engagement Shoot (also known as a pre-wedding shoot or e-shoot) which is part of most of our wedding packages. The engagement shoot can be more creative than the wedding day, purely because we have the ability to literally go anywhere at almost any time, which opens up the options for creativity so much more. We’re also not restricted by schedules which is often tough on the wedding day with trying to fit it all in.

We are different from other photographers though, because of our unique photography style which is a blend of documentary and artistic styles. We don’t want to be just any other photographer and give you photographs that have been done a million times before. We want to give you something unique and creative where your wedding guests see them and say “wow you guys look great, what an awesome idea/location you had, we have never seen that before”.

We live in a beautiful country and a beautiful world. We have the ability to literally go anywhere for your engagement shoot and almost make it like a day out at the same time. We could even theme it around something you enjoy together if you’d like.

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