Capture One Styles Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is entered into by you and the Seller at the moment of your payment for the goods (Capture One Pro Styles), offered on  (“Website”). By making a purchase on Website, you confirm that you’ve read and accepted the present Agreement. Terms and conditions, specified on Website, constitute an integral part of this Agreement.

Processing payments for the goods are executed by PayPal to Seller’s business account

The Seller is not liable for delays in payment processing and other actions, performed by such third parties.

The amount of payment may be different from the one specified on Website due to additional payment commissions, charged by third parties.

The Seller may offer goods with a discount or conduct promotion by the terms, specified on Website, resulting in purchasing goods at a lower price or free of charge. If you have purchased discounted or free of charge goods, you shall pay all applicable taxes on such benefit on your own without Seller’s participation.

In order to process the payment, you must submit all required information in your PayPal account. Payment is deemed accomplished after the due amount is received on Seller’s account.

Delivery of the goods is due within 24 hours after accomplishment of payment by providing a copy of the goods to your email either in the message itself or in a download link. The goods are deemed delivered after 3 days after the payment date, unless you notify the Seller on improper delivery within such term.

Confirmation of the purchase of the goods is an electronic message, sent to your email. Any other additional documents are not supplied.

The offered goods are not intended for personal, family or household purposes. The offered goods are professional tools for processing RAW images, constituting saved settings of RAW image processing, applicable to other RAW files. Compatibility with other image formats is not guaranteed.

The goods are offered without any warranty of commercial applicability, safety or suitability for any purpose. The goods may be incompatible with your hardware and software.

The results, achieved by utilizing the goods may be different from the results specified on Website. The goods may allow to create imitation of a certain image processing style, but full match is not guaranteed.

Proper functioning of the Capture One Pro Styles offered by the seller requires a computer with installed and licensed Capture One Pro 10, Capture One Pro 11, Capture One Pro 12 or Capture One Pro 20.

All versions of the goods require Windows or Mac OS. Otherwise, the goods won’t be utilizable.

The offered goods are not a property of the owner of this software. Proper functioning of the goods with later versions of Capture One is not guaranteed.

The goods are deemed as an intellectual property and are protected by copyright. Reselling or another form of distribution of the goods is prohibited without Seller’s permission.

Refund for the purchased goods is not provided, as the goods may be stored and used by you after return. If you consider refund to be due in your case, please contact the Seller via email in order to solve the issue in the most suitable way.

The present Agreement is constructed and executed according to the laws of Russian Federation. If you purchase or use the goods on any other territory, please make sure that such purchase or utilization is not prohibited by the applicable law.

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