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How many pictures do I take during the wedding?

I often shoot in excess of 1500 images. I edit the photographs down to around 500 – 600, which are then posted on your online gallery to be viewed and shared.

Will we get high resolution images?

All the images I take throughout your wedding are at a very high resolution (22 megabytes upwards) and then trimmed in size for the online  gallery. You will also receive a USB (depending on your package) of retouched high resolution images from which you can print at will.

Will I stay to photograph the party after the first dance?

Yes. I always stay for the first dance. Your guests are totally relaxed after having had a drink or two and therefore my pictures can really capture the fun of the party.

Do I shoot group pictures?

Yes. I believe group pictures are very important at a wedding – you do not always have a gathering of all your family and friends. Here are a few basic pointers that will keep the group photo session quick and stress-free. I ask for a helper or two, often a bestman and/or ushers to assist me in rounding up the various groups. I am not a big fan of raising my voice at a wedding.

A list of the individual family and friends’ groups should be provided; Brides Family/Grooms Family/ friends etc. We try to keep the number of groups to between 5 to 10 (of course we can have more if you choose to), any more than that and people tend to get tired and wander off!

Do I offer Engagement Shoots?

Yes. Most of my packages include an engagement shoot. It can be used as a practice session for anyone nervous in front of the camera, and is a great chance for us to work together and become more like friends before the big day. We’ll capture some amazing photos that you can use as invites or on the day itself, as place settings etc.

Am I insured?

Yes. Like all true professional photographers, I am fully insured.

Do I offer albums?

Yes, I provide a range of albums, from luxury leather matted coffee table books to modern photobooks. I also offer a variety of smaller albums to fit all budges, which make great gifts for family, or anyone special who wasn’t able to be there on the day itself.

Who picks the images for the albums?

You do. From your online gallery you pick your favourites 60-80 images (or more, if you choose). My team and I then design your album and send you digital proofs so you can see exactly how it will look, and make as many changes as you like. This can take between 2 to 4 weeks from when you receive your digital images. Once you are 100% happy with the layout and image choice, I will send the whole thing off to the printers, and about 3 weeks later you’ll receive your album through the post.

Do I work with a second photographer?

I work with a pool of amazing photographers that I can call on if a second photographer is required or as a back up in the extreme case that something happen to me. I have never missed a wedding and hopefully never will. A second photographer can be employed to cover just a particular element of the day.

What camera gear do I use?

I have been a loyal Nikon user for many years. They are superb for both weddings and my commercial work. I have 2 Nikon DSLRs, a Nikon D810 and a Nikon D750 and a full complement of professional fast lenses that enable me to shoot without flash most of the time. When necessary, I carry portable flash units and always have my trusty Speedlites. Fellow photography geeks, please drop me a line if you want to talk gear.

What about overnight accommodation?

If your wedding requires an overnight stay, I always try and find the most economical B&B or local hotel. For weddings further than 100 miles from London, I charge 50p / mile.

What happens if I am ill?

Firstly, I have never missed a wedding or pre-wedding meeting or engagement shoot through illness and never will. If by chance it happens I do have back up photographers that are aware of my wedding dates and able to step up if needs be.

Do I shoot destination weddings?

I do. I love to travel and so only ask that you cover my travel and hotel costs. Details and planning are vital to any wedding, but even more so when shooting abroad, so a day in hand for me to scout the location and get my bearings is always advised.




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