Micro wedding at islington town hall

Micro Wedding at Islington Town Hall with Heidi & Chris

Heidi and Chris had a small wedding at Islington Town Hall before their big celebration in Germany. I joined them at their London apartment for some relaxed photos with their friends. Then we headed to the beautiful Town Hall by taxi.

The weather cleared up just in time for the ceremony, which took place in the grand council chamber. Heidi and Chris read their own heartfelt vows to each other. After the ceremony, we took some stunning portraits inside and outside the building.

The intimate setting of Islington Town Hall made for a perfect backdrop for this micro wedding. London provided the perfect setting for this special day.

Venue: Islington Town Hall

For hosts of an event at Islington Town Hall, it is recommended to consider arranging for transportation options for guests as parking can be limited in the area around Upper St, London N1 2UD. Additionally, it is advised to provide clear directions and signage within the venue to help guests navigate the space efficiently. These small considerations can greatly enhance the overall guest experience at the event.




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