Kingdom Penshurst Wedding

Kingdom Penshurst Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing Alex’s beautiful wedding at Kingdom Penshurst in Kent. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – it was a sunny summer day with not a single cloud in sight. As I arrived at the venue, I couldn’t help but feel like I had stepped into a fairy tale.

The ceremony took place outdoors, underneath the majestic largest tree in Europe. It was an intimate affair, filled with love, laughter, and a lot of fun. It was a LGBTQ wedding, and the bridal dresses were absolutely chic and stunning. The couple looked amazing together, and I was thrilled to capture their love and happiness.

After the ceremony, we took some time for couple’s portraits. The beautiful surroundings of Kingdom Penshurst provided a picturesque backdrop for these photos. We then moved to the terrace for the reception drinks, where friends and family toasted to the newlyweds and enjoyed the festivities.

During dinner, there were heartwarming speeches that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It was a truly emotional moment that I was honored to capture. As the evening went on, I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the golden hour to capture some breathtaking photos of Alex and their partner against the stunning sunset backdrop.

And let me tell you, the dance floor was absolutely electric! The atmosphere was filled with energy and joy as everyone danced the night away. It was incredible to witness and capture the pure happiness of the newlyweds and their loved ones.

Being able to photograph such a special day at Kingdom Penshurst was an absolute privilege. I am so grateful to Alex for allowing me to be a part of their magical wedding. If you’re looking for a talented and dedicated Kingdom Penshurst wedding photographer, I would love to tell your unique love story through my lens.

Venue: Kingdom Penshurst

If you are planning to host an event at Kingdom Penshurst in Grove Rd, Penshurst, Tonbridge TN11 8DU, there are a few recommendations that can help ensure a successful event. Firstly, it is advisable to have proper signage in place to guide attendees to the venue, as Kingdom Penshurst may not be easy to locate for first-time visitors. Secondly, considering the historical significance of the location, it is recommended to incorporate elements of the rich heritage and charm of Penshurst into the event’s theme or décor, which will add a unique touch and enhance the overall experience for attendees.




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