Islington Town Hall Micro Wedding

Micro wedding at Islington town hall with Amelia & Sam

Amelia and Sam recently had a beautiful autumn wedding at Islington Town Hall. Even though they had to relocate to Japan, they managed to book me as their photographer at very short notice. Lucky for me, I live close to the town hall and have shot countless weddings there!

Their ceremony was intimate and filled with emotion. It was a truly special moment to capture. After the ceremony, we took some portraits in the corridor, which turned out to be some of my best work at Islington Town Hall. Make sure to check them out!

Once we finished the group photos, we decided to take a short walk along Regents Canal for some additional couple’s portraits. It was a lovely location and added a unique touch to their wedding album.

Overall, Amelia and Sam’s micro wedding at Islington Town Hall was a memorable experience. I’m honored to have been a part of capturing their special day.

Venue: Islington Town Hall

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