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An online gallery is the modern way of showcasing and delivering images to your clients. Sending edited photos via DVD is now outdated with most laptops and computers not having a DVD reader anymore. Even household DVD players have started to disappear as streaming capabilities become more common. Using a USB stick as a method of delivering your wedding photos to clients is still very well used by wedding photographers. However, with more contents being viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, the USB stick is used rather as a storage device than an ‘on the go’ means to access and view the photos.
Online Wedding Gallery_0420.jpgBelieve me when I say that nowadays, one cannot run a successful wedding photography business without an effective online wedding gallery. And I emphasise on the word ‘effective’. As a wedding photographer, I have signed up and used a few online gallery providers over the years, some better than others. I have used the likes of Pixieset, Shootproof, Photoshelter and various gallery plugins for WordPress.

But my favourite of all and the online gallery I still use to deliver wedding images to clients is Passgallery. Before we look into the reason why I use Passgallery, here is what makes a great gallery in my opinion.

• Ability to showcase images and ‘WOW’ clients, not just view images as thumbnails
• Ability to customise how the client view the images such as grid size, etc.
• Mobile friendly
• Integrated social media sharing
• Integrated shop to order prints and albums
• Ability to download all or selected images
• Download full size or lower resolution images fast
• Customised mobile app
• Customised branding
• Online store with self- fulfilment option
• Email sharing options
• Ability to favourite and tag images

Passgallery – Why?

These are some of the features many of the online galleries have in common. However Passgallery has so much more to offer. First of all, Passgallery has a free plan that offers the ability to upload 6000 images which is more than any other providers offer and you can have your own branding, unlimited galleries, online store and portfolio site. The only catch is there is a 15% commission if you sell through the online store.

Online Wedding Gallery_0421.jpg
Passgallery also have an integration to Lightroom and the client’s gallery is automatically updated if any adjustments are made into Lightroom. The reporting system from Passgallery gives an in-depth report into the galleries including image views and shares. Best of all, Passgallery comes with its own album proofing system, so clients can proof albums from their galleries before placing an order.
If you are looking for a seamless and easy to use online wedding gallery that will showcase your wedding photos in an amazing way, I would definitely recommend Passgallery. It is free to try!!!



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