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It is extremely important for a wedding photographer to meet with the bride and groom before their wedding. Usually the meeting takes form of a pre- wedding shoot where the bride and groom are given a first hand experience of how it feels to be in front of a lens, posing and being followed around. The pre- wedding shoot will also give the lucky couple a good idea of what to expect from the photographer in terms of style and personality. It is of utmost importance that the persons on both sides of the lens find common ground as this will define whether or not the contract is secured. In addition, being likable and I will go as far as saying lovable, to the couple will make the photographer’s work much easier on the wedding day and also improves service.

In situations where a pre- wedding shoot is not feasible,the photographer should arrange a pre- wedding meeting nonetheless. The location should be a mutual agreement between the couple and the photographer.

Why do I need to arrange a pre- wedding meeting and what do we talk about?

A pre- wedding meeting helps to add a personal touch to your wedding photography business and build trust with potential clients . Would you rather have a conversation with your mobile phone or laptop, or face to face with a person? Ask yourself the same question if you were having to pay thousands of pounds to an individual to capture what is one of the biggest event of your life.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when you meet the brides and grooms to be,

  1. Clarify what the quote/ package includes. Does it include prints, photo books, travel costs, editing, online gallery etc.
  2. Plan timings and locations. What is the location where you will start the shoot, are there multiple locations, can you travel between the different locations in time? And most importantly, the start and finish time.
  3. Is the wedding too large for just one photographer. Do not bite off more than you can chew, try and upsell a second shooter. Clarify that you cannot guarantee to capture all the guests by yourself for larger wedding and manage expectations.
  4. Upsell your add ons such as photobooks, additional hours, prints, photo booth, photo hamper packs, videography etc.
  5. How should you get paid, cash, bank transfer, paypal, invoice. How much is the deposit to secure the date and when should you be paid by.
  6. When will you send proof of the wedding photos. When will the client get the final product. How will the product be delivered, digitally or through prints.
  7. Mention copyright rules and that RAW format may or may not be included in the package.
  8. Ask the bride and groom to make a list of guests they would like group shots with and to delegate the best man or bridesmaid to bring these groups together. It is very difficult and sometimes near impossible to guarantee that every guests will have their chance at a shot with the married couple. This will save an enormous amount of time on the wedding day.
  9. Ask about any special requests.
  10. And most importantly, upsell yourself and convince the bride and groom that they have or will make the right decision by choosing you as their wedding photographer.




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