Tudor Barn Wedding – The ideal wedding venue

Surrounded by 16 acres of nature and built in the 16th century, Tudor Barn is unique in the sense that it is the only barn in London. Over the past year alone we have photographed over 7 weddings at the Tudor Barn and you can take it from us, this little gem can host fairy tale- like weddings. Every weddings we covered at the Tudor Barn were very well organised and the team simply amazing. Each Tudor Barn wedding were hosted in different parts of the barn depending on depending on the size of the party. The barn itself, though renovated has kept its rustic feel and add a “countryside” magic to the weddings.

Wedding Photography at the Tudor Barn

When it comes to wedding photography, Tudor Barn offers an array of options to both the couple and the photographer. The many windows inside the barn lets in ample light to give a light and airy or editorial feel to your wedding photos whilst the brick walls and and wooden beams in the ceiling offers a more dramatic barn-feel option to those photographers who use flash and strobes. Note that we shoot in both these particular styles mixed with reportage, so get in touch if you would like to know more.
The large land surrounding the barn contains some amazing features such as a fountain, weeping willow trees, and a large brick and wood canopy covered with vines and flowers for a more intimate photoshoot with the bride and groom.

Here are just a few images from some of our weddings at The Tudor Barn.

Tudor Barn Wedding 1.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 2.jpgTudor Barn Wedding 11.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 12.jpgTudor Barn Wedding 13.jpgTudor Barn Wedding 14.jpgTudor Barn Wedding 5.jpgTudor Barn Wedding 3.jpg

Tudor Barn Wedding 4.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 6.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 7.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 8.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 9.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 10.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 15.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 16.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 17.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 18.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 19.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 25.jpgTudor Barn Wedding 20.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 21.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 22.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 23.jpg
Tudor Barn Wedding 24.jpg

All photos by KND Photography. Rights to the photos are reserved. For more information about Tudor Barn weddings and packages prices, please visit http://www.tudorbarneltham.com

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