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Booking a wedding photographer is already one of the biggest expenses of a wedding day and many couples tend to not include the cost of a wedding album in their budget. Buying a wedding album through a wedding photographer can be very expensive compared to what you can pay for at your local printing shop or online printers. Nowadays you can buy a personalised wedding album on the internet from as little as £10 but beware, you get what you pay for.

Professional wedding albums are expensive for the simple reasons that they are made of high quality material, the photos are printed with high quality ink on photo papers that will last you forever. And do not forget, the photos in the album will be put together by the photographer who was actually there to witness your day. There are many reasons as to why you should ask your wedding photographer to make you an album, here are 4 most important ones below.

1 . Life takes over and you will not get around to doing it.

Putting a wedding album together can be quite a hefty job. First, you have to find a good album printing company, then select the photos, resize the images, upload the photos and put them in order page by page. Your wedding photographer will complete all these task for you. All you have to do is select your favourite images and review the album proof.

Wedding Album London

2 . Photographers have access to the best quality products that are only available to them.

Many if not all professional printing companies only accept orders from professional wedding photographers. Photographers have to go through a review process before they are accepted to place orders.

Wedding Album

3 . Photographers will optimise your photos and make them best for printing.

This is a big one! The digital images are different from the images needed for high quality printing. Digital images are rendered to be viewed on a backlit screen meaning that they will be less ‘bright’ on paper unless they are optimized for printing. Your digital images will go through various process before they are ready for printing such as colour correction, exposure correction, cropping etc

Wedding Album London

4 . Technology can become inaccessible.

Many of the common delivery methods such as USB and Disc can become inaccessible as technology updates but your albums will always be there to be viewed. Many computers and laptops do not have a CD player. How many of you even have a DVD player?


Your wedding day is special so why not have the memories as something special for a change. No matter how many times you look at your wedding album, those moments will always be priceless.



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