Pre-wedding photoshoot or commonly known as engagement photoshoot is becoming more and more trendy in the UK. There are many reasons why couples would want a pre-wedding/engagement shoot, the main one being that they simply want to show their love to each other and remember these moments forever. As you may have guessed from the name, future brides and groom may book a photographer to celebrate their engagement at a location of their choice which may otherwise not be accessible on their wedding day. Many couples plan their shoot in parks, at the beach or most commonly in the city. A pre-wedding photoshoot is planned in the same way as an engagement photoshoot but with an added purpose; the shoot will train and prepare you for your wedding day and most importantly, give you a chance to work with your chosen photographer.

So, what should I wear?

The big question, what should you wear? The answer depends on the location of the photoshoot. For example, you will not wear a suit at the beach but you will get away with it in the city. My best advice to the couples I work with is to dress up as if you are going on their first date. What would you wear if you were meeting your date at the beach or in the park?

There are no do’s and don’ts when it comes to your outfit, be who you are. If you are not the dress or suit type, the  do not wear them. If you are a shirt and jeans person, then absolutely do wear them. Also keep in mind that their usually is a fair amount of walking on these type of photoshoots, so high heels or uncomfortable footwear may not be a good idea. Some photographers may even allow a change of clothes if you manage to find somewhere to get changed.

Planning your engagement photoshoot with KND Photography

At KND Photography, we always aim to capture epic images during your engagement/ pre-wedding shoot. Our images have gone on to win awards for best photography. We work very closely with our future brides and grooms to choose an amazing location and research mood boards that reflects their chosen style of photoshoot.

We shoot with couples from the UK as well as Europe and Asia. If you are planning a destination photoshoot, please do get in touch.

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