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Islington Town Hall Weddings

Islington Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Capturing unforgettable moments at Islington Town Hall

Are you planning a wedding at the iconic Islington Town Hall? Congratulations! This stunning venue has been the backdrop for countless love stories over the years, and capturing your special day in all its glory is of utmost importance. That’s where an experienced Islington Town Hall wedding photographer comes in. With my expertise in capturing those perfect moments, artistic eye for detail, and ability to blend into the background seamlessly, I will ensure that every precious memory is preserved beautifully. So whether you envision a grand affair or an intimate gathering, I will ensure that your cherished memories are forever etched in time.

With options to exchange vows in the elegant Council Chamber or one of the smaller ceremony rooms, couples can tailor their wedding experience to reflect their unique style and preferences. The beauty of these weddings lies not only in the exquisite setting but also in the relaxed ambience that fills this historic building. It’s a place where couples can create lifelong memories surrounded by loved ones who are sure to be touched by the magic of such a remarkable location.

Planning your wedding photography at Islington Town Hall

I shoot multiple weddings at Islington Town Hall every year and have shot over 80 weddings there over the past few years. Planning your wedding photography at Islington Town Hall is no mean feat. There are so many moving parts before and after the ceremony that nailing the timing can be challenging. Points to bear in mind are:

  • Your guests will only be allowed into the waiting room 15 – 20 minutes before the ceremony.
  • The interview with the groom will start 15 – 20 minutes before the ceremony.
  • The bride’s interview will be held after the groom has had his.
  • Some of the rooms have a very short ailse aisle.
  • Micro weddings at Islington Town Hall will require additional planning
  • Plan to have confetti photos on the steps after the ceremony as they make terrific images.
  • Time for photos on the outside steps is limited as it is very likely to be crowded with guests from other weddings.

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Planning your wedding at Chelsea old town hall?

Wedding planning support and advice include:
  • How to nail the timing when getting married at the Town hall
  • Locations for pre-wedding drinks for your guests, which can also be used as meeting points
  • Planning photos at Islington Old town hall
  • Advice for best ceremony photos
  • Locations for pre and post-ceremony photoshoot
Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photographer

“Highly recommend having Kevin as your wedding photographer! He is easy to get along with and provided us lots of great advice in the lead up to wedding. On the wedding day itself, we felt at ease that he would capture all our special moments and the many combinations of group photos we wanted. He gives great directions to ensure each photo turns out well and looks natural. Kevin was super-efficient at answering any queries throughout the whole process. Most of all, we love the photos from the day.”

Shen & Kevin