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London Micro wedding

London Micro Wedding Photographer

Capturing the unforgettable moments of your micro wedding

Are you looking for an intimate and unique way to celebrate your wedding? If so, a London micro wedding may be the perfect solution. Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples seek more meaningful, personalized ways to tie the knot.

A London micro wedding is an intimate ceremony and reception in the city of London. It’s an excellent option for couples who want to get married but don’t have a large budget or prefer an intimate setting. A micro wedding allows couples to celebrate their love with close family and friends while enjoying the city’s beauty.
The benefits of having a London micro wedding are numerous. Couples can create their own unique experience without breaking the bank, allowing them to focus on what matters most – their commitment to each other and celebrating with loved ones. Additionally, micro weddings are more sustainable than larger events, reducing waste and carbon footprints.
Planning a London micro wedding doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful – plenty of online resources can help make planning easier.

Micro Wedding Photographer

As the sun sets and you exchange heartfelt vows under a canopy adorned with twinkling fairy lights, it’s not hundreds of spectators that bear witness to your love story, but only the closest family members and friends. Welcome to the era of micro weddings – intimate, beautiful affairs where every moment is savoured deeply, and every detail matters immensely. This new trend has emerged as a saviour for countless couples during uncertain times, making even small gatherings magical.

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Planning your micro wedding in london?

Wedding planning support and advice include:
  • How to nail the timing for your small wedding
  • Locations advice
  • Planning photos for your micro wedding
  • Advice for best ceremony photos
  • Advice for pre and post-ceremony photoshoots
Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photographer

“Amazing experience! Kevin shot our registry at Marylebone and made us feel comfortable straight away. Me and my husband both said we felt so pleased with Kevin being our photographer, he was easy to work with and had such natural direction. Our consultation before the day was great too, Kevin gave us some really helpful tips and we felt good energy from him straight away. Kevin directed us so naturally and made us feel at ease as we were so nervous! Im so glad he knew what he was doing, because we didn’t! Our photos are exceptional and we have Kevin to thank for that! If you’re thinking about using Kevin, do it. You will be so glad you did! Thank you Kevin, we wish you only the best! :-)”

Ellie & Jordan